Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Baby Stuffs Dilemma

I found this draft of when we first start our tiny steps into preparing our little one's stuffs. Is it us or it's a superstitious not to buy anything until you have gone through the first trimester? We were told that it is wise not to do so because during the first three months of pregnancy (especially first time mothers), your body still needs to adapt to the growing human inside of you. Some might not have as good luck as others and might end up with miscarriage #touchwood.

So, we actually started doing some shopping at around 6-7 months into pregnancy. Here's a post I wrote and supposed to be posted but I guess, something came up. But first, a belly shot of the very early days of our shopping trip which, I feel like I'm literally dying from walking.

Call me responsible and I shall tell you, "you know, that might actually be true"
I won't brag and say I've got everything under control. In fact, I'm still in between getting started and have started, hah!
I'm not a bad mother, I promise you that. The spouse and me have difficulties. Not everyone going to admit that and I'm not going to spend hundreds for something our little one will only be using for 1,2,3 months and no, I didn't learn that by meditating for few hours (it's hard enough to fall asleep every night). I learn that through the magical vortex of Google. tee hee.

It's always best to do some research before you went ahead and splurge you money on something you clearly can save on.
I've gone through an article that gave advice to new mothers on what she should/shouldn't do. What I remembered most is,
Save your money. Don't buy everything new.
-I don't understand at first but she explained that new mothers often overexcite. Buying new expensive baby stuffs without even knowing what to expect. 
-Because babies are born in different sizes. They grow up fast especially newborns. If you can have hand downs or buy second hands clothes then, go for it. Babies are in fact only eat, sleep and poo.
-It's okay to buy pretty new clothes for baby but remember, the first month your baby would only be in the house (at least my family thinks so, it's custom). 

In the end, we decided that it is OK for baby to wear hand-me down cloths. I've probably wore my bother's clothes too and I didn't mind. We're saving for something more important anyways. Budget is really important. A set of baby's hat, 2 mittens and 2 socks can cost you in less than Rm10 if you're willing to explore your nearest store. I often thought the internet is the most convenient way to do purchases but I was wrong. Convenient doesn't equal cost and I told myself that I don't need expensive brands to keep my baby warm, clean, safe etc. because all babies going to do is poo on the pants and throw up.
Don't believe me? Well that's up to you. BUT it's different though when it comes to all the important things like all the feeding essential etc. That one I don't mind buying a tad bit expensive.

I know right? I haven't even officially become a mother and I'm already getting fussy. We're on a budget after all. Might as well keep myself reminded.

p/s : We end up not having to buy so much since our family was kind enough to shower our baby with lots of baby essential which I am so grateful of. Can't ask for anything more.
You're one lucky baby, you.

I'll get into detail on the essentials once I'm done with the more important thing, delivering our baby. Better not jinx myself. I know it's hard being a new mother.
No more selfies, less time for yourself and a whole loads of poo explosion.


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