Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Labour & Delivery Story!

Being a new mother, new parents; we admit, it's been quiet challenging for us from figuring out why the baby cries, why the baby won't sleep or even eat, why it was the right decision to let the baby sleep next to us instead of letting her sleep alone in a cot.

Our baby girl is 6 weeks old now and I'm finally getting the hang of things. Thus, a blog post as titled. Finally.

Fyi, I was 9 days overdue when our Obgyn finally decided it was the end of the road for us. Honestly, it wasn't the greatest feeling as we were expecting rush, pain, panic .etc. but there we are on the morning of October 28, having breakfast at our favourite spot awkwardly and thereafter, off to have a baby without any of the expected things.

We knew I was getting induced because our baby hasn't even engaged yet. Arriving at the hospital, I quickly changed into the hospital robe and then, they strapped the CTG thing around my belly. I was having contractions! Not that I was aware of but with a frequency of 10 minutes apart, yes I was indeed having contractions. Honestly, I really wasn't feeling any of them. I just knew it because the doctor told me so. The doctor then did a VE on me. Not a pleasant feeling but I was almost 3cm dilated. 

I was then put in a room with two other expecting mothers with placenta previa. The doctor advised me to move a lot to help with the dilation. So, I did just that.  I walk along the corridor for as many time as I could remember. I was bleeding heavily, changed my clothes a few times and sometimes my contraction got too intense, I had to stop walking. The next morning, the contraction wasn't kicking anymore. The VE part was the most excruciating I've ever experience especially if the juniors were doing them. It took them almost forever to finish! Although VE was painful, each time I go through it, I was still hoping for good news but it wasn't and never were. The only good news I received was there were no need for induction.

I waited until the next day before they broke my water because I wasn't progressing much and that I was already 10 days overdue. I was having some contraction but not to the point where I would scream or cry but the doctor told me I was supposed to as the contraction level was quite intense. They would've let me wait a bit longer but I was already overdue.

Noon of the 29th, after breaking my water, they pushed me into the delivery room. The doctor there examines me and said my baby was still up high. They feared I might go into surgery as the baby was in a posterior position. I've read it somewhere that in order for the baby to engage easily, she has to face the mother's spine (anterior). Our baby was facing my belly, making it hard for her to engage even after the doctor helped me, too. 

They had me on Pitocin. That's when the contraction really starts kicking in. They gave me double dose of the Pitocin for 6 hours, and then another 2 dose for 6 more hours for a total of 12 hours in the labour room. I ask for painkillers on the second dose and doze off to sleep just to wake up with more Pitocin. At times I just feel like knocking off the syringe with Pitocin in it because I just couldn't bear the pain any longer. My back was killing me. Everytime the nurse add another dose of that thing, I felt like crying. They did the VE on me every 2-4 hours and everytime they'll be 2-3 doctors doing it. By that time, I can already tell which doctor does it less painful. I hated that part. I hated it more than having to go through contraction. At around 10.30pm, a female doctor came to examine me. She said I was already 6cm dilated. Imagine the excitement on my face. Two other mothers at the room next to me had come and deliver and there I was, still waiting.
At 1.40am, they did a final VE on me and told me there was a mistake. I wasn't 6cm dilated, I was 4cm, still. And how do I react on this? Nothing. I was too tired, I just wanted the pain to end. The doctors argued a bit, study a bit, then finally told me of my slow progression and that they can't continue any longer because I was too tired and that my womb will be too weak in time for the baby. I got on the phone and called the spouse who immediately raced there. I had to break the devastating news of having to go with cesarean to him. I can see in his eyes that he was worried sick. The doctor gave another round of explanation to the spouse, we talk about it and then sign some paperwork..

I got to spent 30 minutes with my husband in the labour room before they rolled me out to the operation room at almost 3:00am. Cesarean wasn't as I had expected. The only pain you'll feel was after they pull out the baby, cleaning whats left inside and putting everything back in place. You'll feel this painful pressure inside of you, like you've been punch so many painful times. They put me on anesthetic from the waist down. Few minutes into the procedure, I start smelling something burning but the anesthetist distracted me with so many unnecessary questions. He guided me throughout the procedures. On the 30th, October at 3:48am, our baby was born into this world.
They did this so often that it literally took less than 30 minutes and they're done. I was shivering like crazy after that. Hearing my baby cry for the first time was overwhelming but I was too high on drug that I don't really know how to feel anymore. They put my baby near my shoulder but then they had to take her away as I was feeling like I need to vomit. 

Our baby was separated from me the very next day for psychological Jaundice. She was in fact stressed in my belly for more than 12 hours. It was sad not having your baby with you and seeing other mothers with theirs stressed me out quite a lot. I had to walk slowly every couple hours to the 6th floor to feed her and when the spouse was there, he'd push me on a wheelchair to visit her together. It was hard though, having to go alone as I was experiencing pain on my neck. I had to place a towel to support my neck as it was too painful. 
I was discharged on day 2 but the nurse suspected I was having post surgery spinal pain. The doctor examine me and I was re-admitted. I thought of the baby every single second, I literally cried the whole night. I was in so much pain that it was hard for me to go visit my baby. They had to feed her with formula. The next morning I was discharged. While waiting for the papers to be ready, suddenly the nurse came in with my baby. I was so happy!

I was in a ward with few other mothers who went through c-sec so it wasn't as awkward not having to walk as normal as a normal delivery mother does. We even have mother with twins in the ward so it was kind of cool.

I didn't experience what you call normal contraction as mine was man made one. A female doctor thought it was awesome not to feel pain but I was hoping it was normal instead of induced one. 

I still can't believe I have this little human who refuses to let go of my boobs, who sleep, eat, spits, poo and pee on me; this tiny fingers who warms my heart with her smile and I love her more each and every day, I wished she'd never grow up because I'd want another baby. lol.

Off to sleep. Baby will be awake in 2 hours for feeding time.

Take care.

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beaty said...

As long as u n baby ok whatever procedure they use its ok bh kan. tp yng x siok tu when u apart from ur baby after delivery..mmg mau nangis o