Saturday, December 27, 2014


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When I was pregnant with our dearest Belle, I literally didn't know what to expect.
Meaning, I didn't know how huge I was going to look like or even the amount of clothing that wouldn't even fit me anymore. I didn't start showing until I was around 5-6 months pregnant.I changed into maternity uniform at 6 months and just that time people starts noticing and just knew I was pregnant.

Meanwhile in the hormones producing department, everything started changing. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. So the first ever step I took was finding a bra. Being small busted (sorry tmi) person, I've always lived in wired bra but man did that changed after I got pregnant. I went out and bought myself an awesome sports bra and it was the best decision I've ever made (I didn't think I've ever decided to buy actually). I didn't think my bust size changed in any way, i just thought my ribs are stretching, hence the need of a new comfortable support system for the girls.

Oversized shirts was my the best attire that could fit me. Thank goodness for my love for oversized shirts because from 6 months onwards, all I ever wore was my oversized shirts, inclusing my husband's.

I never liked how I looked with maxi dresses and it's so comfortable especially in this super humid weather. So I went ahead and bought empire waisted knee lenght dresses instead. So airy, so comfy.

Other days that I'd feel like running some errands, I'd opt for oversized pleater shirt and pregnancy skinny. The ones that have extra belly hugging band and put a belt below my bust area so I wouldn't look like a huge walking potato sack. I'd always wear shirts that are long enough to cover my behind.

Flats are my best friend. Anything with heights are just too uncomfortable. At around 7 months, I noticed that my feet starts to sweat a lot and I've decided to wear flip flops instead. Wore them every single day to work.

By week 40, I was huge! Really huge. But a nice lady who was sitting next to me one time during our doctor's visit told me look like I was only 7 months pregnant when all those time, I was just few days away from my EDD. Probably because I dress well to kind of make me look a tad bit tiny. Not to hide the bump actually but I guess with because it's my first pregnancy and usually first time mothers won't grow as huge as moms with 2-3 kids.

Anyways, that's all for my pregnancy attire.
I literally just make use of the clothes I have in my wardrobe and probably just bought 4,5,6 addition to accomodate my growing belly. That's it.

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