Monday, January 12, 2015

On Dayre

I've been writing so much more on Dayre now. Life with a baby consist of breastfeeding, diaper changing, super fast bath and sleepless night. Since our baby wakes up at dawn for her first feeding, I took that time to single handedly Dayre like a boss. I Dayre every single day, mostly about my life as a mommy. Feel free to check it out here

I must warn you, it's pretty boring over there as it consist mostly on my rambles as new mother. If you like breast milk and diaper talk, then "high five!"

Life in particular had changed for me. As I enter a new phase in life, everything changes. So does this blog. I am still going to continue blogging but I have to slowly pick up my phase. I can't think of anything rather than trying my best to provide for my baby. Even now as I'm writing this, shined only by the light from the night light we had put for our baby, I am clueless of what to write. Writing in the dark is my new acquired skill!

I personally think this blog would go on better without the interference of my constant battle with motherhood. Those consist of anger and confusion and sometimes the mellow side of me. So I have decided to Dayre that instead.

Capturing every single moment of motherhood and baby's milestones is what I have hoped for in Dayre. I mean, I can't blog every single day (actually I can)... What I meant was, I can't blog every single day about the same thing. I can go on talking about my breastfeeding journey every single day but could you stand reading it? I'd probably be labelled as an old hag who talks about how she can milk herself like a cow. Which is true but I'm no cow. But if you insist then so does your mom and you're a calf because you've made it today by feeding on her.



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