Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The New Year

How long has it been since I really have time for blogging and not let the drafts do its work? uhm.. long enough! And its draining my creative hormones, I can't even write a proper sentence without going through it many times. So, since its New Year and as if everyone is still in the Resolution, New Year zone etc. I thought I might squeeze in a post so I won't be get categorized in the outdated section.
Alright then. Baby's asleep, let do this.

Seem like everyone is either got pregnant or gave birth in 2014, the year of The Horse. My baby was born on October 30 making it the happiest day of my life - wrong!! It's the begining of the midnight torture, poops and spits and cries. lol Just kidding. Being a mother is something I couldn't imagine doing and here I am, wouldn't want to lose sight of my baby.

My 2014 is all about me being pregnant. I guess all woman goes through the same phase in life. Would I want to get pregnant again? Of course. Not so soon though. I wish it could be sooner but nope. We must heal and get ourselves up and going and healthy for baby number 2!

I can't think of anything else to top of my pregnancy. None as equal even. And honestly, I am no near to remember my 2014 resolution. I believe getting pregnant was one of it but other than that, everything is just on that piece of paper... no! I can't even remember if I've written it anywhere. 


I was happy throughout 2014, even though that pregnancy hormones came crashing the party once in a while but, I was indeed happy. Minus the big flood that hit our district. At that moment, I was no where near happy. I was scared I might deliver the baby! I was devastated. In the end, everything went well except for the loss my brother had to rebuild.

I believe 2015 will be as great as this year. Probably greater. Every year is a great year if we learn to appreciate it. Easy for me to say. lol So here's my proposal.

I will not make a resolution this year. I will be happy and keep a positive mind. I've Dayre this few days ago and I'd write it again to remind me that,

Positive is not a resolution, it's a challenge.

Its page 6/365. My birthday. Happy New Year everyone.
Have some cake.


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