Saturday, April 4, 2015


Our little one just turned 5 months this week. I feel like I've accomplished so much but, I don't think I've accomplished anything just yet.

Having a baby is like discovering new thing(s) every single day. It's not going to be the same, it's not going to stay the same, its just going to continue going forward.

It's like I've lost track of what just happened few months ago and here I am today, with an infant, still astonished to every single milestones she's hitting everyday and yet, I have failed to capture all that in phrases. All that videos and photos saved me a thousand memories but I feel when you caption everything, it just falls into place nicely and in sync.

Fast forward today, when I was busy getting ready for work, Hubs decided it was funny to flood my phone gallery with outburst photo of Belle. Ended up deleting every blurred photo in the gallery. That daddy pig. ha.ha

I've just remembered I've started getting really active on Dayre following mommyhood. It's not the same as blogging though. It's a lot more different than blogging. Although I do think most blogs I've following had since does advertising nowadays.

The new years started pretty long ago and here we are already in April. Can you believe how time flies this year? And to celebrate the 4th months of 2015, GST! HOoray! Not gonna go into dept on that though because I'm not very good at economics and politics whatsoever. Also really bad at math, so better keep myself in a safe zone.

Anyways, gonna make effort into clearing spider webs on the blog again this coming week. Really hoping to get this blog up and going again.


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Happy walker said...

welcome back, i'm still here, remember me?