Monday, August 24, 2015


Been away for a long time didn't I? ...and my promises was a bunch of lies I stacked upon this blog to make it all look silly in the end. lol

I never thought commitments is a real BIG deal once you became a mother. Be it a SAHM or a FTWM like myself. Please google that.

If you're not stalking me on Dayre, here's a short recap on whats had been happening around me.

1. Belle is almost 10 months. Weighs 9.6kg and 72cm tall.
2. Still breastfeeding (sorry if this offends anyone).
3. Has 4 teeth.
4. My last art was the above photo.
5. I update Dayre every single day. lol
6. Sleep is a long lost memory for me.
7. I am currently very sleepy.
8. My only gateaway is the coral class  have been taking.
9. I am not pregnant. lol
10. I missed working with artsy stuffs TT

Haven't been properly blogged and look at how I arranged my words. It's unworthy to be published but who the fish cares, right?


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