Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stay with me

I was thinking of starting YouTube again and getting this blog up and going.
It's been really hard juggling between a full time job, social networks and other unexpected commitments. 

For the past months I have been struggling with motherhood. Doing 50% of it alone since my husband lives 2 hours - 4 hours away from us. Now that our baby is 10 months old and able to feed herself well, I feel it's a good decision to start doing YouTube and blogging again.
I haven't been updating much because before I got married, started working, still in college etc. I have tons to blog about; drama, class trips, making crafts and lots and lots of free time to scribble and make videos, strumming some tune and get to be vain alone in the house. Now that I am over that phase, and my focus tends to be more on baby related things such as baby poop color, puree, sleeping problems, naps and baby gears, I have lost the time and interest to do what I previously loved and I feel bad because I've put so much effort on bringing up the blog and tried to do my best going on YouTube. Now, I just feel like throwing all the effort off just like that. Ungrateful.
So, I have made a small steps into gaining back my creative hormones. Pumping them back into that empty right side of my brain. I have actually started joining chorale 2 months ago to feed my artistic needs (not that I'm any good at it) and it feel great! I honestly feel like a small burden is lifted off my shoulder everytime I attended the class. The chorale was to perform at a non competitive charity concert in aid to the Thalessemia foundation in Sabah which we received a gold medal with honor and winner of open category. So proud of my team.

I might need a blog revamp in the future so, stay with me!

yours trully.

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