Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy 2016!

Whoa, I can't believe how fast 2015 flew by.

Baby, that basically sums up my 2015. I mean for real. Everything in 2015 is about our baby.

I went back to 2013 to see whether I have posted any resolution but can't really find any in clear, numbered ones that I can revised and ticked it off my list. None. 2014, I need not say because I obviously knew that I'm either dealing with a crying infant or sleeping during that moment.

I'm pretty sure though, that every year I'm just hoping for another good year ahead and things like

1. Praying that my parents are in good health always. Health over wealth, as I would pray every single night before I go to sleep. Also for happiness and world peace, that every single women and children all over the world would be protected and showered with God's blessings and saved from misery.

I feel like every time I pray for world peace, I'm in a beauty pageant but yes, I am not ashamed. The world needs more people to pray for its recovery, that everyone will see how good is the better way to live a life.

2. I remember telling myself to try and see everything in a positive way BUT I also remember that on the second week of January that I have given up on it because I underestimated my mommy brain.

I can't remember any other things (thanks baby) but everything that happened in 2015 revolves around our baby

1. At 6 months, we brought Belle together with us to Penang to attend my baby sister's graduation day.

2. I traveled less this year. I was too afraid to leave my baby at home. I rejected any outstation jobs (tried to escape anyway possible) if there's any.

3. Half of the year I got obsessed with pumping. Even after my baby started formula, I still try to pump. Eventually I stopped because my baby rejected me.

4. I went into music again. I convinced myself to join a chorale group which I personally thinks is the best choice I have ever made.

I told myself not to make a new year resolution because I don't want to constrain myself into doing something I think I would give up by the first month.

I also want to achieve and continue doing things that I feel I can't achieve but would like to slowly gain as I grow older.

BUT, here's a shot on the new year resolution :

1. Be emotionally stronger and not pushing myself too hard. This is the kind of things I will forever be trying.

2. Continue to keep this blog alive.

3. Try to have another baby.

4. Be more open to accept challenges.

5. Continue to pray for my family health, happiness and world peace.

6. Be a good wife to my husband and a even greater mom to my cheeky daughter.


8. Make time for arts and music.

It's a wrap everyone. Thank you 2015, welcome 2016.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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