Monday, December 28, 2015

Less of a wife

Christmas went by just like that. It is as if there were no Christmas at all. No greetings, no glorious spread of foods on the dining table, no family gathering, nothing. It felt the like every other day. To top that off, I didn't even take leave from work which I usually do at the end of each year. Well, for the last 3 years I've been working here, that is.

Basically, we don't celebrate Christmas like that. I meant, the opening of presents on Christmas morning or having thanks giving dinner, nope. Growing up, it has always been, going to church, spending the day with family, lazing around, staring at the ceiling and wall (nope, I was kidding), that is it. Every other year, we do make small gatherings and drinking session but that just our preference.

This year, we have a little someone, an extra in our household, my baby. Last year she was only 2 months old when we celebrated Christmas. This year however, she was down with fever and bacterial infections which left me with dark circles and more coffee in the morning. On the noon of Christmas day, husband cook instant noodle for lunch. I felt so much of a useless wife. Well he can't really blame me because the baby has separation anxiety.

Living with the family and working at the same time, I often neglect my responsibility as a wife. Bear in mind that my husband only drive here once every 2-3 weeks to meet us which explains why I am lacking the every wife post like preparing breakfast and dinner.

I can do my life in a day blogpost and you will see how most of the time I spent during the weekdays are in the office. Just like a car is a man's second wife (or first), my computer is my second. Blame the work, always blame the work.

Being a wife (although I have only been doing it for a year and 2 months) is not easy. Especially with all the extreme clingy-ness and whining and crying, it's a whole new level. But I feel motherhood has been great so far but being a wife, nahh. I was a better candidate for a good wife when I was single because I still have time to think, go out and buy grocery, nicely arrange things on the plate and clean while everything on shimmer, do 4-5 chores and completes everything before 10:00am etc. Basically, if you don't have anyone important who needs attention, you're a wife material. Anyone can be a mother but a wife because a wife is a whole other story to fill in.

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