Monday, January 25, 2016


I missed week 3 because we were busy with our brother's wedding. To make it up to you, I'm putting up 2 posts this week. Also, this was an impromptu post so you might find some grammatical errors, even spellings but, you'll figure out everything, right? *fist punch*

I know my blog has been only the gratitude challenge this month but I promise you, I'm slowly cooking up something else to spice things up a bit.


The fridge in our kitchen is always so full with vegetables. I kind of brought some veges to make Belle's foods again but I got so lazy that it just flooded the fridge. My parents didn't complained. Or at least I thinks so.

Also, today I woke up, there was nasi lemak on the dining table for breakfast. The mother bought it from her favorite stall. She once bought so many that others were complaining because they were afraid she'll finished everything (haha). Although they gave her the look and she was pissed off when she got home that day, she'd still go back and buy for us whenever she feels like it. The best mom!

... And yummy nasi lemak!

All of us siblings has at least on thing we hate about each other. We quarrel, obviously,  no denying about that. There'll always be disagreement, judgement, dislikes etc. BUT, we also have many other reasons to like each other like, 

+ How we admire each other's ability to do well in music.
+ How we are always open to help each other when we're in need.
+ How we directly spill the hate words when we disagree with each other.
+ How proud our parents are towards us.
+ How silly we look laughing at each other's joke and
+ How incredibly lively the house felt when we gather, share silly jokes and make fun of each other.

We're probably known as the quiet, low key family in the neighborhood but don't be too quick to judge others from the outside. Because blessings come to those who appreciates the things they have and turn it into a life others wished they had.

That's the reason to be grateful, to have a family. Be grateful to whatever you have because others might not have the same things as you do.

love x

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