Friday, January 29, 2016


The other day I woke up to a babbling Belle. It's few weeks ago that I started noticing her waking up and just stares at the ceiling. She used to have a great conversation with mr wall when she was smaller.

I didn't want to greet her. I just let her be. She can be overly excited in the morning after all night of recharging.

I peeked to see what she was doing but she caught me! Dang it! facepalm.

I wanted to continue sleeping because I took the week off and I want to have an extra hours of sleep. Sadly, she stood up, started walking and sat beside me. I kept my eyes shut and tried to convince her that I was asleep.

Baby Belle at few days old. Oh how I missed those days. It's probably time to get my oven cooking. haha
She then started poking my eyes and slapping my face.

The next thing I knew, she was jumping and running on the bed while screaming and rolling on my stomach trying to wake me up.

Good for you Belle. 

The day my bother got married, we dressed her up in our traditional costume and she look freakin' adorable!

When she was still a baby, I wish she would grow faster as I was too eager to see her walk and run etc. Now that she's the best with slapping me, poking and throwing tantrum, I kind of regretted that wish but I am too very happy that she've progressed well.

Here she is now at 1 year 3 months. That fluffy, jiggly face and overweight baby (yes, she's apparently overweight for her age) but all mine to cuddle. How could you not love someone so terribly adorable?!

Not gonna complain.

Not gonna complain.

Everyone was wondering but yes, I made her the dress she wore during my brother's reception. I spent so much time on it that I neglected my own. haha
Am so grateful to have her. Am so grateful that I choose to have a baby as soon as I got married because if it was later, I wouldn't have the energy to run after her (which right now is already so over excessively sweaty).

Love her still.



beaty said...

Cepat besar kan moi? Adoi... Tingu wajah2 durg masi kici bikin rindu bh.. Dulu sa x ingt pla hazel bangun mlm main2 hihi.. Beratnya tu c belle.. Klau dukung sakit badan o. Anw, belle ur so sweet on ur moludu costume..

Fairuz Aqilah said...

She's sooooooo cuteeee especially in the traditional suit! Comel sangat! :D