Monday, February 1, 2016


I personally prefer blogging in English not because my command in English is that good but I feel like writing in English gets through everyone across the globe.

I understand there's translator what-so-ever but reading translated text is not the same as understanding it directly as it is written in the original language.

If you have been reading my blog for a long time now, you would have known that, I've blogged in Malay before and... well, it has its own audience. I blogged about this before (I think) but I'll blog about it again and get into details why blogging in Malay is not my first choice ( although it does help in engaging my Malaysian viewers).

There are few reasons why I don't blog in Malay,

+ Barriers. Born and raised in Borneo, our take on the Malay language is slightly different as it is used in Peninsular Malaysia. Citizen living in peninsular often process our language as something similar to Indonesian but a Malaysian way of speaking it. So, when I translate that into a bundle of words, it sounded even awkward writing than speaking it. 

If you write a blogpost using Our language, it sounds well, out of place. Not to say that I am embarrassed of my own language, definitely not (Proud of it, even) but, I'd love it if my audience understands what I wrote and that my message delivers.

+ Writing skill sucks. I am excellent in speaking Malay, in fact, it's my number 1 most used language my whole life. Sadly, my writing skills isn't as good as spontaneously throwing it out of my mouth. 

+ Faking it. I've blogged in Malay before. It was engaging and some unknown people even emailed me after that. That, and some note saying,"I prefer you blog in English". Reading back at the post (although I didn't deleted it), I don't prefer me blogging in Malay. It does sound awkward. I kind of feel like I'm some wannabe blogger who tries to imitate other blogger who's originally write/speak in pure Malay. I feel so fake! I'm not gonna do it again.

I came out as someone I was not. I tried to arrange my words to match what every Malay majoring blog would sound and it made me feel, out of place. It doesn't feel like me blogging.

+ Keeping it Original. Then it come to this. I first started my internet exploration from mirc to myspace, friendster and now this, putting myself out there and doing it with English as my transferring language to connect with everyone. I know some people would tell me that there is no wrong in changing what you have because change is good. I understand. BUT changing to something I am not comfortable with is like diving into a pool filled with frogs (ew).

If I was able to engage audience and deliver using the language I had started with in the first place well, why change? I believe my audience would be happy just as I raised the blog to be.

+ Lost in translation. Bila saya start buat ayat dalam bahasa melayu, saya rasa ganjil sebab bahasa melayu yang saya guna tu bahasa melayu sabah. Rojak ok. Campur cina, kadazan (india kalau ko pandai) sama trademark "bah". Semua ayat ada "bah". Banyak-banyak bahasa saya dengar, di sabah saja yang ko akan jumpa satu perkataan, 100++ maksud.

Ya = bah.

Tidak = Bah.

Jaga la kau = bah bah ali baba

Walaupun orang akan tetap faham apa yang saya tulis tapi audience saya dari pelbagai negara bah. Kalau saya tulis dalam bahasa melayu sabah, karati ko tei? Syukurlah bila dapat tengok statistik yang pembaca blog saya bukan saja dari malaysia tapi dari luar negara juga. Inda ka kau happy tu kalau begitu? Ingat blogging ni senang ka? Ko taip siang malam pun kalau tiada org mau baca buat apa? Tiada erti buat apa? Saya pun faham juga sebab ada sesetangah orang tu cakap, "saya tidak kisah ba kalau tiada orang baca blog saya, lagi bagus. Saya boleh tulis suka hati saya, boleh mengumpat suka hati saya." Oh ok.

Google translate that and you'll get this :

"Although people will still understand what I wrote my audience but from various countries sump. If I write in Malay affair, karate ko tei? Thankfully, if you can see the statistics of my blog readers not only from Malaysia but also from abroad. Inda happy to do that, then? Remember blogging is pleased to? Ko type of day and night, even if there are no people to read them for what? No sense doing? I began to understand why there are some people were saying, "I do not care if no one ba read my blog, they are great. I can write like my heart, my heart can curse like." Oh ok.

+ Delivers better. Although my command in English is not outstanding but I feel like when writing, I can explain things better than writing in Malay.

+ Reader friendly. The number 1 visitor of my blog aren't Malaysian. Readers of my blog are from all around the globe, so I feel it's the right decision to blog in English.

+ The lack of Borneo bloggers doing so. Not a lot of Borneo bloggers have a blog written majoring in Malay. The average of Borneo writers who writes in English are very high compared to the ones who prefer to write in Malay.

+ Lack of Reference. There are little to nothing in Borneo bloggers community that's really dedicated in writing Malay language or Borneo's Malay language that I can refer to if I was to start writing in Malay.

I have all this reason for not blogging in Malay but I feel that if I wasn't going to at least try to give everything a second chance or accept the challenge to write in a different language than life wouldn't be that colorful wouldn't it?

I'm not very good in addressing certain situation or explaining stuffs written in Malay. I noticed it ever since I was in school. I never gave up on it though but there never was a big improvement. I never like reading Malay novels (although I had some throughout my living) so that's probably my biggest disappointment.

Anyway, whatever reason it is for me and for you to not write or in whatever situation it is that you put up reason to, it's what I think and you probably think the best reason for it. So, do not fret. We all have our reasons, just, don't judge. There are reasons why the world is the way it this right now and judging isn't going to change anything. That, unless you're God.



Dear Latte Latte said...

Hi, moi~ It's so weird when we blog in Malay, bukan inda mau bah but automatic saja tu keluar semua Bah. I had my blog written in Malayu Tangau Sabah but when I was in UiTM, habis semua in English. I don't care if it's broken because learning English is not as easy as Malay.

aestherlyienda said...

Omg! Hi Dayve.. I looove your blog. Mmg weird ba, sangat. Pernah you read back the post? Haha ><

beaty said...

my English kindy punya level but still i love blogging in eng..bcause if i blog in Malay..there will be two prob.. writing in Sabahan malay slang or Proper malay punya blog.. haha weird sa i prefer writing in English.. hihihih..back then too sa blog in Malay..when I read it back adui feel so lain2

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