Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Life is always something meaningful even though it can be hard sometimes. No one promised a smooth sailing life but If that is so then, what would we be without all the drama and stuffs?

It's the many struggles in life that made us human. It's the ups and downs, the process of life and the light we wake up to every morning.

That, and the joy, happiness and ecstatic that life had bless each and everyone of us.

Happiness is not measured by the luxury in life but the small things what we are blessed with. Even the foods served on the table is a blessings. So, give thanks. Stroke that hand and give thanks for the foods, the morning breeze, that small change you have in your pocket, that crying baby, that annoying brother and that crazy old neighbor because unlike you, some people don't have that. The things you have is probably one of those things someone out there wish they could have.

So, don't look back on what you could've achieve, but look forward and plan for the future. The life we are living is unexpected. Expect nothing, do something that you feel worth it, jump into the band wagon, challenge yourself and be rewarded with it.

Live life, for it is the one thing someone gave you.


p.s I know I have been behind the schedule but I promise you, I am still on it. I am not feeling well as I am writing this and that this few weeks had been really busy.

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