Saturday, March 12, 2016


Makeup is like a staple in my daily morning routine. I wear them 5 days a week and sometimes on the weekend if I feel like it (weekend is makeup free day).

My makeup collection had gotten out of hand but still kept on pilling without a proper use of the products I bought. I have this itch when it comes to buying makeup. I knew that I probably don't need more, that I have enough, that I already have enough nude palette, that I already have enough coral blush etc. BUT one nude palette is never enough (my brain told me). So, I kept on buying and buying and buying and life goes on.

So, that's probably the reason why I have makeup every single day to work. It's because I want to make use of the makeup I bought. I have like 5-6 palette that I just keep and seldom use, face powders that are either the wrong shades or just not doing me justice that I hoard and never threw away.

Believe me, I threw so many unused skin care products and makeup that had expired because I just have too many.

...BUT, like food, makeup make me happy. Putting on makeup is like a therapy for me. I just love how everything slowly emerge into something colourful, bold and really changes your look.

I know, not everyone likes putting on makeup. If you use the wrong technique, you either end up looking like a pancake or a drag queen. I'm also aware that going natural is the best because, lets face it, everyone loves a clean face. My opinion is that, you go with your guts. You do you, I'll just do me.


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Ilya said...

For me, with makeup, less is more.