Monday, January 2, 2017

HAPPY 2017

I forgot I have 10 resolution stamped onto this blog last year. Since I did one for 2015, here’s another round of reminiscent for 2016!

Ok. That might had given clue to how life’s been on 2016.

So, here’s the resolution I set last year :

1. Be emotionally stronger and not pushing myself too hard. This is the kind of things I will forever be trying.

I’ve since been emotionally improved. Sometimes I cry because I was trying to fight the urge to verge out my feelings but I don’t want to, so I cried alone, in the room (sometimes in the toilet, lol) but it’s mostly from having these weird pregnancy hormones. I have gotten a little positive throughout the year but I can be better.

2. Continue to keep this blog alive.

Failed! The number of excuses I made to makeup up for the times lost to be a better blogger is not even acceptable anymore.

3. Try to have another baby.

Basically the highlight of my 2016!

4. Be more open to accept challenges.

Actually I’m not sure about this one. My pregnancy has been challenging so far… wait! Waking up to a toddler poking your eyes and pulling the blanket off of you on weekend is a challenge! 

Recently my hormones have been jumpy and I can’t decide if there’s a real reason for each argument I found myself into every single time or it’s just the hormones.

I haven’t been doing much of my years but I think I have done something that I fear I won’t be able to do but I did. And thinking about it now really makes me proud of myself.

5. Continue to pray for my family health, happiness and world peace.

There's a few dull days that I didn't pray but praying has been a routine. 

6. Be a good wife to my husband and an even greater mom to my cheeky daughter.

The husband would always approves of me and my daughter would always prefer me over anyone else. Since I am the only wife and mother for the two of them, I can say I forever pass this one. Lol.
But I can be better.


I can’t say I failed on this one but I surely didn’t pass. I managed to pay off my study loan early 2015 which gave me room to do other things with the extra money I have. Can’t say I’ve earned more, but I surely didn’t regret spending a tad bit extra last holiday.

8. Make time for arts and music.

PASS!! I managed to take 2 music exams this year. It was great!

I feel like I’ve thrown it in the list to run a marathon this year but I can’t find it anywhere. Hmm.


Looks like I cleared all my resolutions! My new year resolution this year is to set equally easy resolutions so next year I’d feel accomplished again lol.

Overall 2016 isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is. Every year people bid goodbye to the recent year and said the next year would be better. But then the next year ends and they rotate the same sentence over and over again. People just need to give thanks and be grateful to be waking up every single morning in one whole piece, with family and no wars to fight (when others does).

I told myself to not put overly high expectations anymore because I down want the fallout to drown me and ruined what I have. I am grateful to have a family that appreciate what I do than having to fight for something else and lose what I already have.

My new year resolution for 2017 :

1. Give birth to another baby.
2. Try to think positive in every way, always be grateful and don’t forget to count my blessings!
3. Travel to JAPAN Travel to at least 1 place I’ve never been before.
4. Get more organized!
5. Stay fit even after I gave birth. Even if I have to just settle with 54kg for the rest of my life. Haha
6. Document life as much as I could.
7. Cook more.
8. Continue to keep this blog alive!


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