Saturday, March 11, 2017


This week marks my 30weeks of pregnancy.

I haven't been doing as much updates as I've planned to because, according to my Chinese zodiac predictions for this year, it's not gonna be a good one.

I tried not to believe this superstitious things but, every year I would say it's almost 70% accurate. There are things you should and shouldn't do to prevent bad energy from coming in and promote good energy though. Sort of a counter attack. One of it was, no black attire 😂. A hard one since the uniform I'm wearing every single day is of black and white.

This year is supposedly not a good year. One in particular is my healthy issue. Now, I had a idea about having health issues since I am obviously pregnant BUT what hit me was unexpected.

My anemia problem hasn't resolve and I probably have some sort of a Thalessemia (unconfirmed) in my genes. It's not bad, it's just interfering with my hemoglobin productions. It's not a huge problem as everything else is normal. It's just making me feel super tired and sick all the time.

Then, I got hit by wave of common cold and fever which interfered a lot with my work at the office.

If you think that's bad, at 28 weeks I had chicken pox! Believe it or not. It's so random. Among everything else, CHICKEN POX?! I quarantined myself for a week. It was so hard since I was isolated at home and I can hear my baby banging at the door searching, screaming and crying for me. At night when she had her regular blocked nose, she would cry so heavily, it just breaks my heart not to be able to take care of her. She's sleeping with my sister. Bless her soul.

Just as I returned to work, I got home the same day to realize that my baby had been infected by chicken pox too! She's on day 3 of CP. Last night she cried so much from discomfort. I felt sorry for her. I just got through a terrible one, now she's having it. The earliest days are the worst and she's only on day 3 this morning. She hasn't been eating much, vomited the only food I managed to feed her (porridge) and refused to drink her milk.

This morning we woke up at 5.30am and she asked for milk.

I want nenen (milk).

It warms my heart that she's finally slowly starting to build her grammar and understanding. She actually knows more than 100 words now, loves singing and pronouncing, she knows her colours, shapes, animals, alphabets and numbers up to 30!

Her kadazan (local language) is acceptable as she slowly learns body parts such as eyes, nose, face, mouth etc. in kadazan.

Her understanding has improved and at one point she would amaze me with new words or act.

Every morning now she'd say Good Morning.

Knowing I couldn't be there for her 24/7 is sad. She's sick and I'm leaving for a 4 days course in Tawau next week, it's never the best decision but I know she's in good hands. Bless my family for helping me.

Anyways, enough with the mushy stuffs.

Baby is doing great. At 28weeks, just before I had CP, I got a tooth pulled out, scaling and fillings. Pregnancy has a way of rotting my teeth!
I had a 3D scan and looks like I'm gonna have another Belle look-a-like lol😅. I think baby looks kind of like Belle too.
Baby is still breech and during my last appointment, I was given up to 37 weeks for baby to engage and after that, no more chance for VBAC since the last delivery was a CSEC. So, 36 weeks checkup with my obgyn will decide whether I would have it normal or cut open, again.😓

There's this one article I've read before of how most woman nowadays gets away with delivery pain and all those days of contractions pains by choosing CSEC. It is a choice if you see it as a choice. Personally, I'd prefer a normal one but with Belle, it wasn't my choice. I just wanted my baby to be delivered healthy. The excruciating 17hours of non progressive delivery is enough for my womb. Even after 17hours, Belle still hasn't engaged and they've since broke my water. I wanted a normal one but I couldn't have it.

This time, I'd let the obgyn decide whats best for me and my baby.

Anyways, it's saturday. Here's a summary of my pregnancy from the last update until today.

How far along?
30 Weeks.

Total weight gain/measurements:

Stretch marks?
none. Chicken pox marks conquered it all 😂

Actually been great considering I'm in my 3rd trimester now.

Best moment this week:
Got through the roughest week of Chicken Pox! 

Miss anything?
Nothing in particular.


Anything making you queasy or sick?
Over eating, still. 

Gender: We've decided to just wait.
Labor signs: Braxton hicks here and there.

Just super heavy belly.

Belly button in or out?Out.
Wedding rings on or off? on.

Happy or moody most of the time?

Looking forward to:
Just a healthy journey all the way. I'm done with being sick!

Have a great day ahead. I'll update again at 33 weeks (crosses fingers).