Monday, May 15, 2017


I'm 38 weeks pregnant now!!

I can't recall the last time I had a pregnancy update up on my blog.

And I'm already tired of this pregnancy. I feel so heavy. Sleeping at night is a joke! Imagine having a bowling ball dropped on your tummy everytime to try to lay down. Lets just look at it this way, laying down, making a turn, trying to stand up from a seat, trying to get up from the bed etc. it's the same feeling and I have never cursed this much my whole life!!

Last night my first born jumped on my previous scar. I was terrified because it felt like something ripped inside. It was an excruciating 1 minutes pain and I feel like I'm gonna start bleeding but I didn't and I'm so thankful for it.

H went back to his hometown for 5 days. It was his sister's wedding.

The "best" part is that, I haven't even packed my hospital bag yet 😅. I just packed my hospital bag yesterday, upon posting this.

Also, I've been getting this weird headache since week 37, told the midwife about it and the told me to consistently take my meds. As long as I don't have SOB then, I'm proclaimed fine.

Anyways.. here's a summary of my 38 weeks pregnancy..

How far along?
38 Weeks.

Total weight gain/measurements:
13kg. wohoo!

Stretch marks?
Just the old ones.

So hard. So painful.

Best moment this week:
I finally bought some new clothes for the baby (neutral colours), stuffs for my postpartum and breastfeeding journey. I feel like I didn't have to buy a lot of things this time around. With Belle, I purposely bought a mixed of everything so the baby sister/brother can just wear them later without having to buy new specific colour. Although it really is doesn't matter.

Miss anything?
Being normal again. To be able to twist and turn on bed normally, get out of bed normally, walk properly and.. run, please!

A lot! Tummy gets tight and so uncomfortable at times but it's a sign my baby is doing great.

Anything making you queasy or sick?
Thank God that has passed.

Gender: We've decided to just wait.
Labor signs: Braxton hicks, increased discharge (sorry, tmi)

Tightening, Braxton Hicks.

Belly button in or out?Out.
Wedding rings on or off? off. Not because I was bloating. Just took it off.

Happy or moody most of the time?
Emotionally, it's a struggle.

Looking forward to:
A healthy baby. Giving birth normally without induction and within this period given.

I will miss this sort of uninterrupted sleep and smooth sailing days with Belle after this but I really can't go on with my days feeling the pain in my belly and like my husband mentioned, being a slow loris. I know it will be hard too. But my husband is starting to learn the basics of helping me around the house and I hope he will continue doing so.

Please pray for my safe delivery. If not this week, the week after.
Have a nice day ahead.



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Dionne said...

I pray that the headache goes away.

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