Friday, June 14, 2019


The Winner of Sugandoi Kaamatan State Level 2019 definitely have a unique voice. Unlike other contestants this year, even years before, hers was of what people said to be as,'a haunting voice'.

Now, I am no expert when it comes to riffs and runs and tunes but she was definitely one of those contestant who was always in my head since the competition kicks of this year. Dabra, representing Kadamaian has a lovely tune, not a Beyonce but really a calming, soothing voice that could put you to sleep, in a good way. I like. It doesn't hurt my vocal cords whist trying to sing it, said the girl who doesn't even sing well.

Also, I am genuinely amazed to know that she actually carry her own song during the competition! The song has this old school feel to it. I thought it was probably her effort to turn a really old, unknown song into this really jazzy (if that even a term) feel. BUT, I was wrong! This was originally written and sang by her. Hands down! AMAZING!

Here's the song lyrics. Also, Dabra Sia - Hiti Noh Masoku Karaoke Version. Tumungad oku~

PENYANYI - DABRA SIA LAGU - DABRA SIA LIRIK - DABRA SIA & MASTINAH LABIT CREDIT - DABRA SIA FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - YOUTUBE - DABRA SIA - HITI NOH MASOKU (KARAOKE) :- Lirik :- Mumbal oku daa momusorou Mumbal oku daa mongintong honggo ie koilo monorimo doho honggo ie koilo monulung doho Naratu oku id tosodu Ditimpu diti nawayaan ku Noromuk ginawoku aiso koilo Noromuk ginawoku aiso kokito Tumungad oku Mamanau oku Kasari Hali pia aratu Poturuson ku laangku Hiti noh pitimpunan ku Hiti noh Masoku ku Hiti noh pinili ku Maanku pokitanai diya

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